15 July 2011

Open web remote access on Belgacom BBOX router via Synology NAS

Prerequisites :
  • Synology NAS accessible via SSH
  • lynx installed on the nas (you can install it with ipkg)

If you want to remotly access to the router's web configuration page but didn't enable the option before, here is the way to do it :
  1. Connect via SSH to your server inside your local network
  2. Telnet the BBOX (
    1. login : admin
    2. pwd : BGCVDSL2 (if you didn't change it)
  3. Change the remote port with the following command 
    1. rg_conf_set admin/https/1/port 7777
  4. Enable the remote access
    1. rg_conf_set admin/https/1/remote_access 1
  5. Exit telnet
  6. Connect to the web interface localy with lynx (a command line webbrowser)
    1. lynx ''
    2. This is done probably because the admin web interface need to be accessed in order to load the new parameters
  7. You can now connect on your BBOX web interface through port 7777

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