31 October 2011

FTP not reachable on Synology RackStation RS2211+ after Domain Controler shut down

Today we had to shut down our Domain Controler for backup purpose.
We wanted to backup our DC's vdisk to our Synology RS2211+ RackStation via FTP.

The problem was that our Synology RackStation was joined to the domain managed by this domain controler.
We obviously cannot connect with a domain user, but local users were also rejected by the FTP service.
Restarting the FTP service didn't help.

I've resolved this issue by restarting the RackStation...

28 October 2011

Resolve nameserver issue on RackStation RS2211+

I had an issue on a RS2211+ joined to a domain :
Each time I restarted the Station, the nameserver was reverted to an old value.

Changing parameters in the web interface didn't help.

So I connected to console via SSH and I changed nameserver ip in those 3 files :
And the problem seems to be resolved