03 November 2011

Easily delete Lan Server entries in Belgacom BBOX routeur

Deleting Lan Server entires via the BBOX web interface is a pain when there are more than five entries to delete.

Hopefully, you can connect to the telnet interface to achieve this task 10 times quicker :
  1. Connect to the router via telnet (check this post to figure out how to connect via telnet)
  2. Check the ID numbers of the entries you want to delete:
    1. You can hover the button to edit or delete an entry in the web interface in order to see the ID in the URI
    2. Or you can run this command rg_conf_print /fw/rule/loc_srv/ to see the list of Lan Servers
  3. Run the following command for each ID to delete where [ID] is the id to delete :
    rg_conf_del /fw/rule/loc_srv/[ID]
If you don't want to execute the command manualy, you can use my tool.
Usage : bbox_fw_delete_id -i [bbox_ip] -l [login_name] -p [password] -s [start_id] -e [end_id]
This tool is provided 'as is' and could not work as expected or even corrupt your BBox.

.NET library used to write this tool
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