27 June 2012

Unable to create new logical volume with no extents

If you try to make a snapshot and that you get the following error message :
Unable to create new logical volume with no extents
Simply list the active logical volumes using this command :


 If you see in the list a logical volume that corresponds to your snapshot, you can simply delete it with the following command :

lvremove /dev/YOUR_PATH/YOUR_LV_NAME

22 June 2012

Fix Domain Controler time not syncing

Simply execute the following command :
w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:"europe.pool.ntp.org time.nist.gov" /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update

Synology network backup failed

There is probably lot of reasons for a network backup to fail, but I would like to expose here my case.

I got the following message each time I've tried to backup my files using synology network backup system :
Network Backup failed to backup task [shared folders and local config] to [mydestinationserver]. ([23] Some files could not be transferred. Possible reasons: 1) backup user has no permission to access the files, 2) files are deleted, 3) illegal file name, 4) too many folders.)
 If I look the network backup log, I see this warning :
Network Backup failed to backup shared folder [/homes] to [mydestinationserver].
After several tests, I've discovered that the cause was the path lenght of certain folders and files in my 'homes' folder.
The path was exceeding 256 characters.

I've simply deleted those folders and finally my network backup ran smoothly.