26 March 2013

Windows firewall rules not allowing a program located under your user profile path

If you use the file browser dialog when allowing a program through the Windows' firewall, part of the file's path could be automaticaly replaced by %USERPROFILE% if the file is located under your personal folder, for example, on your desktop.
The rule you've just added in the firewall will, in this case, simply NOT work...

Copy paste the full path (C:\Users\YourName\...) instead of %USERPROFILE% in the text field and it should do the trick.

04 March 2013

DSM 4.2 : scheduled tasks

If you have manually defined scheduled tasks in /etc/crontab, you can remove it and use the 'Scheduled tasks' tool embedded in the new DSM version to create your scheduled tasks.
Please be carefull that the tool uses its own config file in order to define the tasks (/usr/syno/etc/scheduled_tasks) and do not merge info with the crontab file when upgrading to DSM 4.2...

The /etc/crontab file is now only used to launch the tasks defined by the 'Scheduled tasks' tool.

Nevertheless, and hopefully, tasks defined manually in the crontab file are still working...