14 June 2013

Use your private linux server (NAS or other) as a proxy with ssh, PuTTY and Firefox

In PuTTY parameters, in Connection > SSH > Tunnels
  • Configure your SSH connection as usual
  • In Source port, input the port that putty will listen on (e.g. 44444).
    Use a port that is not currently used on the computer running putty
  • In  the three-option Local, Remote, Dynamic, choose Dynamic
  • Click the Add button
  • Click the Open button to connect to the server

In the Firefox options, Advanced > Network > Parameters, select the option Manual proxy configuration.
In the field SOCKS host, input and in port, the port you have configured in PuTTY.

Your Firefox should now tunneling all your connections through your private server.

(This should also work with any server running SSH)

UPDATE 2014-03-12 : 

If you also would like to secure your DNS queries, write "about:config" in the address bar.
Then search for the value network.proxy.socks_remote_dns and set it to true 


Linux : Run commands consecutively and grep output of all of them

Simply enclose the commands you want to grep in parentheses.

Examples :
> (./task1.sh && ./task2.sh) | grep "fail"
> (./task1.sh ; ./task2.sh) | grep "error"