16 October 2013

Progress database odbc error : Broker rejects connection

I was trying to link a Progress database to an SQL Express server few days ago.
The connection has first worked fine, but at one moment, I was not able to run any queries and finally got this error message :
DataDirect ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver Broker rejects connection
In my case, this error was caused by too many active connections from the user I used to connect from ODBC.
But all the applications were closed.

So I've used the utility proshut to list all connected users and to kill the unreleased connections:
list connected users : [path to proshut]proshut.bat [path to your db].db -C list
kill a specific user :  [path to proshut]proshut.bat [path to your db].db -C disconnect [user number]

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04 October 2013

Synology : Fix SVN package after moving svn repository directory

If you have moved the svn directory created by the SVN package, you may get an error message such "Error. Please reconnect to DSM".
You will not be able to use the SVN server untill you fix the symbolic link to the repository :
cd /var/packages/SVN/target
rm repo
ln -s [new_path_to_svn_repo_folder] repo