16 October 2013

Progress database odbc error : Broker rejects connection

I was trying to link a Progress database to an SQL Express server few days ago.
The connection has first worked fine, but at one moment, I was not able to run any queries and finally got this error message :
DataDirect ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver Broker rejects connection
In my case, this error was caused by too many active connections from the user I used to connect from ODBC.
But all the applications were closed.

So I've used the utility proshut to list all connected users and to kill the unreleased connections:
list connected users : [path to proshut]proshut.bat [path to your db].db -C list
kill a specific user :  [path to proshut]proshut.bat [path to your db].db -C disconnect [user number]

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