08 September 2014

Update Environment Variable in IIS Process

If you've updated your environment variables and want to reflect your changes in an IIS process or app pool, e.g. the php process, use the command iisreset.  Using the GUI to restart the process wont work as expected.


22 August 2014

Resolve error 404 when using Web Deploy feature on IIS

If you get an error 404 with the following message:
Error Code: ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE More Information: Could not connect to the remote computer. On the remote computer, make sure that Web Deploy is installed and that the required process ("Web Management Service") is started. Learn more at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=221672#ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE.
Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
Error count: 1.
when trying to deploy your application using web deploy but the web deploy component has already been installed using the web platform in IIS, download the full installer HERE,
choose the [Change] option and on the root of the tree select the option to install the entire feature:

26 June 2014

Go back to the last active tab in Firefox

Type about:config in the address bar.
Search for browser.ctrlTab.previews and double-click on the entry to set the value to true.

Now you can back to the last active tab using CTRL+TAB.


04 June 2014

"OK Google" not working on LG G2 Android 4.4 with keyword detection able and enabled

I have no idea if it has been disabled by purpose or if it was simply buggy, but the fact is that, on my LG G2 phone, the "OK Google" keyword wasn't recognized from the Google Now app or even when I was clicking in the search box.
The corresponding message didn't appear in the search box neither the microphone icon, even if the option was able and enabled in the parameters of Google Search.
mic icon legend from the google help center
As this option was working fine on my colleagues' LG G2 phones, I began to dig into the phone and the only difference I had noticed is that the firmware of my phone was a Taiwanese's one when my colleagues' one were European.
So I've downloaded a KDZ of the latest European version for the LG G2 16GB here (when I wrote these lines it was D80220D) and I've followed these instructions to install it on my phone.

Now the Google Now keyword is correctly recognized when I'm in the Google Now app or in the search box.

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UPDATE 2014-06-04

As the problem has again occured after updating the firmware, I've finally found an other explanation:
The LG On-Screen-Phone notification system is somehow incompatible with the OK Google keyword detection.
To disable it, go to Settings > General > System > Accessibility > Services and disable the On-Screen-Phone notifications.


06 May 2014

Permanently set hostname in ubuntu

  1. Edit the file /etc/hostname
  2. Load the name set in this file
    hostname -F /etc/hostname
  3. Edit the file /etc/hosts

08 April 2014

Use physical drive into virtualbox

Find the number of your physical hard drive using Manage computer > Disk Management (the disks are ordered)

Run the following command (changing the physical drive number and the path where to create the vmdk) :
VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename C:\usb.vmdk -rawdisk \\.\PhysicalDrive1
Attach the vmdk file to your Virtual Machine.

If you get the error message :
you may need to take the disk offline and set the readonly attribute to False (could be done using the Diskpart command-line utility)

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04 April 2014

Install and execute the Via HD Audio Deck on Windows 8.1

  1. Assuming your motherboard is an Asus, go to the Asus website to get the drivers and utilities for your motherboard.
  2. Download the drivers for Via.
  3. Launch the installer in compatibility mode for Windows 7.
  4. Do the same with the program located in C:\Program Files (x86)\VIA\VIAudioi\VDeck\VDeck.exe

26 March 2014

Get the password used in a SQL Job that launch an SSIS password protected package

On MS SQL Server 2008 R2 (and maybe other versions) :
Simply right-click on the job and select the option Script Job as > CREATE To > New Query Editor Window

The password will be written in the SQL query.

24 March 2014

Resolve the error "Service Temporarily Unavailable" on Belgacom e-services My Bill & Usage

If you get the error message "Service Temporarily Unavailable" when you connect to the e-services administration, you can simply change the email address used as your login and that should do the trick.

18 March 2014

Check the reason why Synology Network Backup failed

If you have encountered errors with the Synology Network Backup and that the log message is as vague as
Network Backup failed to backup task [xxx] to [xxxx.synology.me]. ([23] Some files could not be transferred. Possible reasons: 1) backup user has no permission to access the files, 2) illegal file name. 3) file name too long)
and you want to get more information about the error, simply connect to the console and open the file /var/log/rsync.error 

13 March 2014

Restore Synology network backup after nas migration

If you have changed the source server of a network backup, you may follow these steps in order to recover your backups without the need to transfer again all your files through the network :
  1. Connect to the target (backup) server
  2. Go in the NetBackup folder
  3. Go in the folder you want to recover (you may rename it if you wish)
  4. Delete all files at the root of this folder (not the subfolders)
  5. Go in the @app folder
  6. Delete all files at the root of this folder (not the subfolders)
  7. Create the backup task using the same target folder name as previously.
  8. You may receive an error message: "The operation failed.  Please login to DSM again and retry". Simply ignore it.
  9. Run the backup task

Take care that if you have set a new user to the backup task on your target (backup) server since the last backup has been made. You have to ensure that the access rights for this new user are consistent along the whole folders' tree (use chown -R or check the corresponding checkbox in the folder properties in the File Station)
UPDATE 2014-03-18 : Better use the command line if you want to ensure the owner of hidden files and folders is also changed