25 February 2014

Error message when completing a certificate request on IIS 7.5

If you tried to complete (means the request has been submitted from the same server) a certificate request on IIS 7.5 and got the following message :
Cannot find the certificate request associated with this certificate file. A certificate request must be completed on the computer where it was created.
You can simply try to click on Cancel and refresh the window.

This is mostly a bug of IIS and the certificate could be installed anyway.

If not, try the following method :
  1. Import the certificate using mmc.exe and the Certificate addin in Personnal Certificates' store:

  2.  When the certificate is imported, find and copy the serial of this certificate:

  3. Remove the unnecessary spaces of the serial number and run the following command :
    certutil –repairstore my <serial number>

The certificate should now be imported and visible in the IIS interface


20 February 2014

Find full path of a file or folder in Google Drive Web Interface

If you want to see the full path where is located a file or folder from the Web Interface of Google Drive (e.g. from the Activity panel), simply select the file by checking it:

Updated 20/02/2014 to reflect changes of the new version of Google Drive :

When the file is selected, click on the Preview button on the top bar:

Click on the Activity and Details button and select the Details tab :

Some information about the file will be shown, as well as the folder where is located the file:

If you click on the folder name, you will enter this folder and the full path will be shown on the top of the screen:

18 February 2014

Fix ipkg's Bootstrap Installer package on Synology after restoring system configuration

If the quadrat4.de Bootstrap Installer for ipkg package has been installed on your system and for any reason you had to restore the system configuration (but your previous volumes are still intact), you may notice that reinstalling the package does not restore the ipkg command anymore.

Here is the fix you need to apply :
  1. Uninstall the package if installed
  2. Connect to the console
  3. Execute the following command to uninstall the previous package:
    rm -rf /volume1/@optware
    rm -rf /usr/lib/ipkg
  4. Install the package again
  5. Reboot