29 March 2015

Connect the Xiaomi Yi Ants Cam to your Synology Surveillance Station

1) Ensure the current firmware of your cam allows you to see the steam without authentication.
You can check this using vlc and connecting to
If you are able to see the stream, you can go to the next point. Otherwise you have to downgrade the firmware of your cam :
Simply place this file on the root of an SD card, insert the SD card in the cam and reset it (a reboot may be sufficient)

2) Create the following file on your synology using putty /volumeX/@appstore/SurveillanceStation/device_pack/camera_support/Xiaomi.conf
with this content:
api = custom
resolution_h264 = 1280x720
default_resolution_h264 = 1280x720
fps_h264_640x480 = 5,10,15,20,25,30
fps_h264_1280x720 = 5,10,15,20,25,30
default_fps_h264_1280x720 = 10
default_image-quality = 5

h264 = rtsp
mpeg4 = rtsp
mjpeg = rtsp
motion = h264,mpeg4,mjpeg

motion_param = sensitivity,threshold
rtsp_keepalive = none
rtsp_protocol = auto,udp,tcp
3) In the surveillance station, add the new Xiaomi Ants camera, using the ip of your cam and port 554

4) Export the configuration

5) Edit the exported configuration using putty or the Text Editor in your File Station :
Browse where you saved the configuration, search the file ".ExpCam" and edit "path" and "live_path" parameters like this:
path = '/ch0_0.h264'
live_path = '/ch0_0.h264'
6) Delete the camera in the Surveillance Station

7) Import back the configuration

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03 March 2015

Synology : Fix double-factor authentication issue linked to time desynchronization

It could be linked to the fact that your synology is not time-synchronized anymore.

Connect through ssh and execute the following command :
ntpdate -u pool.ntp.org
the -u switch allow to use another port if the ntp deamon is already running.