29 June 2015

VPN site to site between Sophos and Watchguard : error ignoring informational payload, type INVALID_EXCHANGE_TYPE

On the watchguard firewall, check that the Gateway Phase 1 mode is set to "Main" and not "Aggressive" :

12 June 2015

Resolve bad gateway error on nginx configured as reverse proxy with HTTPs support (front and back end)

If you get the message "502 Bad Gateway" from your nginx reverse proxy but you've checked that your IIS server is reachable and the website is working fine, check that at least one of the websites binded on IIS with HTTPS support is NOT configured with SNI, even if this is not one website that should be accessible from your proxy.

Long story short : the following command should return SSL certificate information, even if it is not from the certificate you expect to get in order to get nginx connection to IIS to work:
openssl s_client -connect myserver.mynetwork.local:443