15 June 2016

Windows 10 Pro English UI : Fix the keyboard layout always switching to UK/US when it has been set to Belgian French

Simply install the french language pack, even if it's not set as the OS's UI language:

How to send large backup on Hubic using Synology Hyper Backup when you get connection issues for the first synchronization

In your backup task, simply drill down in the folder tree to select only a few folders amongst the whole set of folders you would like to backup in order to keep the backup size and time reasonable.

When the backup task succeeds, edit the task and add a few folders more. 

Then relaunch the backup task.
The Synology Hyper Backup service will only backup the freshly added folders and data that has changed from the last succeeded backup task.

Reapeat that operation untill all the folders are backuped.