02 November 2011

Connect to your local router from wan through ssh

In a previous post, I've described how to open remote management for your bbox2 / local modem-router via ssh.

I've found an easier and more secure way to achieve this :

Prerequisites :
* You have PuTTY (or an ssh client)
* ssh server on your local network is reachable from wan

In PuTTY settings > Connection > SSH > Tunnels, define the following :

  • Source port : 8080 (or any free port on your computer running PuTTY)
  • Destination : (assuming your router ip is and the default web interface running on port 80)
  • Click on [Add]
  • Apply changes

You can now connect on your router web interface from your computer running PuTTY via the following address : http://localhost:8080/
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